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Walter is extending its range of Xtra·tec® XT milling cutters

Walter extends its range of milling cutters with the addition of the Xtra·tec® XT M5250

Walter is extending its range of Xtra·tec® XT milling cutters to cover diameters of 50, 63 and 80 mm (or 2–3″) with the addition of the new M5250 helical milling cutter. Walter’s latest generation of indexable insert milling cutters is characterised by high performance paired with process reliability thanks to features including the reinforced insert pocket and insert seat. What’s more, each individual tooth on the M5250 is cooled separately. Walter uses proven, double-edged BC..1605.. system inserts on the face of the M5250. This allows users to choose between various different corner radii, cutting tool materials and six geometries. The G51 geometry (“The quiet one”) is perfect for applications which are likely to involve vibration or for tools with long projection lengths. By contrast, G55W cutting inserts with WaveCut geometry are ideal for titanium components with a high machining volume, like those commonly found in the aerospace industry. Walter uses milling cutter-specific SC..1105.. cutting inserts with four cutting edges as peripheral inserts.

In addition to steel, cast iron and materials with difficult cutting properties, the helical milling cutter is also suitable for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Unlike other full effective helical milling cutters, it can also be used for full slotting alongside shoulder milling, pocket milling and ramping. As well as flexibility and process reliability, due in part to the remarkable operational smoothness of the milling cutter, Walter emphasizes the high machining volume resulting from the full effective design of the milling cutter and the reduced process costs. These lower costs are the result of, firstly, the two or four useable cutting edges per indexable insert and, secondly, the new wear-resistant Tiger·tec® cutting tool materials which can be used. This means that, beyond the aerospace industry, the M5250 offers benefits for general mechanical engineering too.

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