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Cutting Tool Regrinding and Refurbishment

In House cutting tool regrinding services from our Sharjah Facility

Our regrinding service is Guhring approved and we also use Guhring for all our tool coating

Specialist Cutting Tool Regrinding Services from Lomas Middle East

It is no secret, sharp tools provide the precise cutting geometries, save machining time and help you build repeat business. If your CNC tools are no longer cutting workpieces precisely, then they are not performing optimally for you or your customers. Managing cutting tool life can represent savings from scrapped workpieces, excessive tooling costs, inconsistent set-up times, late deliveries, and final part delivery. We can assist you in assessing and reducing the direct costs associated with tooling life and cutting tool performance in your CNC machine applications.

We utilise ANCA MX7 CNC Tool Grinding Machine and Schneeberger CNC Tool Grinding Machines in our Sharjah facility

Tools we regrind include:

  • Carbide End-mills
  • Irregular Helix End-Mills
  • Carbide Drills
  • Spot Drills
  • Reamers

We pay particular attention to the handling and transporting of valuable cutting tools to ensure no damage or chipping can occur to the cutting tool edge.

Our bespoke tool storage boxes ensure the tools are always stored and protected from damage.

For regular tool-regrinding customers we leave one box on site for customers to place tools for regrinding in and arrange regular collection and delivery of tools that have been refurbished.