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Cogsdill Burr-Off Tools

$70.07$495.04 ea.
A variety of tool designs to meet your needs
Standard Burr-Off tools are available for both inch and metric hole sizes. Standard drill sizes are available from stock. The integral cutting edges can be altered upon request for front or back-cutting only. Custom tools – larger sizes, altered standards, or special designs – can also be supplied to suit your particular requirements. Please furnish a part print and request a quotation.
Or enquire about our trial and evaluation service: Let us show you how Cogsdill’s Burr-Off tool can help you produce better-quality parts, with faster production, and at a lower cost!

Cogsdill Burraway Type A Sizes .093″ to .203″ (2mm – 5mm)

Burraway tools suit a variety of machines from manual to CNC – and can even be used in a hand-drill with excellent results. They are available in a range of inch and metric sizes ranging from 0.093” (3/32”) to 2 inches or from 2mm to 50mm as standard, and a range of standard sizes for both inch and metric sizes and an assortment of blades are in stock.